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Lucid Dream

The more you think, the less you act their ways.

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This is pretty much who I am. This was written without backspacing, so nvm the typos. O_O:

Brick Tamland is mentally retarded love. <3
by lioncourt82

Michael Gary Scott is loving effortedlessly love... or... [insert dictionary here] love. <3
by lioncourt82

Hammy is hyper love <3
by lioncourt82

Frank is suicidal homo love. <3
By: lioncourt82

The Office is ABSOLUTE LOVE. <3
By: lioncourt82


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The name is Erika Jean Lusanea Tababa. Obviously, I'm Asian. And like all stereotypes, I study for a living. I swim for our school varsity, and I love cookies. One time, I ate this cupcake, and seriously, I think it had opium/munchies/speed in it. I got high. Real Fun.
I'm 13 years old, and half the time I spend living is in front of my laptop, or if you want to address him, refer to him as Brick. Brick, in tribute to the most awesomest movie ever made, Anchorman. Talking of movies, I am a movie geek. I watch movies half the time I don't spend sitting infront of Brick. I have a huge VCD collection. (Not DVD because DVDs here cost like a thousand bucks a pop.) I am not rich, nor am I popular. I am a crazy kid that just squees about everything there is about life. But I squee a hundred decimals plus when we talk about Steve Carell, Hammy, Brick the character, The Office, Little Miss Sunshine, Calvin and HObbes, MythBusters, Photoshopping, The Constant Gardener, maybe only 25 decibels higher if Harry Potter shows up.

As far as books go, I can't go a month without reading a novel. And I finish each I read, and I can write a book report if I wanted to. Maybe even a fan fiction. Just give me some pens and papers. :)

If you want, you can friend me. That is if you want. I'm not forcing you or anything. I just wish my RL friends actually use the internet from time to time.

I am inlove with the idea of loving someone who doesn't know what love is. 2 years and counting.

What has love become? It's not like we used to hear in old songs and it's not like yours.

I'm 16 years old and I study in a university called Ateneo de Manila. Currently majoring in Management and wishes to shift. I don't want to delete all the stuff i put here almost 4 years ago. That was who i am. :) You shouldnt forget who you were. :)

anyway, current fandom:
ARASHI! *specially matsujun!*

i made the wallie! :3 So proufffd. X3

and as of March 08, 2010:

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